International Extraditions

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International Extraditions

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When you have been accused of a criminal offense in another country, that nation might request international extradition to try you on their territory and according to their laws. As it is possible that separate nations might see a foreigner with a certain degree of bias or prejudice, it is generally not in your best interest to be extradited internationally.

At Guerra Saenz, PL, our Fort Lauderdale immigration lawyers understand that the rights of our clients cannot be overlooked, both at home and abroad. If you are being accused of crimes across international borders, you need to contact our firm right away. Your freedom could very well depend on it.

What Is Required for International Extradition?

Between most nations, there exists a treaty specifically regarding criminal acts and international extradition. In order for a United States citizen to be extradited to a foreign country, there must exist one such treaty that outlines:

  • Why the accused can be detained
  • How the accused will be treated
  • When the accused will be tried
  • What potential penalties the accused could face

Additionally, there must be a promise that there is no chance of any torture or death penalties involved with the case, no matter what the accusations include.

Due to the power of our own legal system – one that is considered one of the greatest in the world – it is extremely rare for the federal government to actually agree to extradite one of its citizens internationally. There are always exceptions, however, and your best chance at remaining in the United States for your trial proceedings could be retaining a Fort Lauderdale immigration lawyer from our firm.

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When facing the possibility of international extradition, it is important that you take immediate action to defend yourself and your top priority should usually be to do all you can to stay within our borders. By depending on a seasoned immigration attorney from Guerra Saenz, PL, you will be represented by a law firm that has earned various accolades and accomplishments, including:

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