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Athlete Immigration Visas

Apply for an Athlete Visa in Fort Lauderdale

An extraordinary number of people from across the world want to immigrate to the United States, to the degree that the Federal Government tightly regulates the flow of people into this country, both for short-term stays and for those who seek to come here to become permanent residents. In order to ensure that the best and the brightest have the opportunity to enter this country, the government makes visas available to certain categories of people, and these include athletes who meet certain requirements.

If you need to travel to the U.S. for an athletic competition or if you want to immigrate here in order to continue your sporting career, contact us at Guerra Sáenz, PL for a consultation to learn more about your legal options. We speak Spanish and have represented well over a thousand immigration cases of all types. Beyond that, Attorney Guerra has also earned Board Certification from The Florida Bar in Immigration and Nationality Law, marking him as a specialist in this area of the law.

O-1 Visa for Athletes with Extraordinary Ability or Achievements

This type of visa is available to renowned athletes, as well as individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the arts, sciences, education or business, and permits the holder to stay in the United States for as long as three years. You must be able to submit evidence of the fact that you have received "sustained national or international acclaim" for your athletic accomplishments and that you will continue to compete in your sport. The O-1 visa is for athletes who are broadly recognized as being at the top of their game.

P-1A for Internationally Recognized Athletes

If you are planning to visit this country for a limited period of time, for the purpose of participating in a tournament, competition, or another specific event, you may be eligible to receive a P-1A visa. It will be necessary to demonstrate that the competition is at an "internationally recognized level of performance," and that your own individual athletic accomplishments have earned you recognition or acclaim in your home country and abroad. This type of visa is applied for by the employer of the athlete, whether a team or sponsor and can last for up to five years.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Immigration Attorney at Guerra Sáenz, PL today to learn more about athlete visas. We also assist with soccer visas!

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