Major League Soccer Visas

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Major League Soccer Visa Attorney

Immigration Visas for Major League Soccer Players

Foreign soccer players will be required to obtain a work visa when they come to the United States to engage in employment with a Major League Soccer (MLS) team. Here at Guerra Saenz, PL we work side by side with MLS teams and athletes who are looking to obtain non-immigrant work visas, including the O-1 and P-1 visas.

If you are a professional soccer player who is seeking to play for an MLS team or an amateur soccer league, and you are looking to retain a work visa, then we can help! Attorney Luis Guerra has a love and passion for soccer; he was a striker during his high school and college years. Mr. Guerra is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law and he has extensive experience securing visas for foreign soccer players.

Looking for an attorney for your soccer visa case in Fort Lauderdale? Contact our immigration expert to schedule an online consultation.

O-1 Visas for Foreign Soccer Players

If you are considered to be at the top of your game in comparison with other athletes, then you may be eligible for the O-1 athlete visa. These types of work visas are for athletes with extraordinary abilities. In order to be recognized as "extraordinary", athletes must be able to prove that their level of skill puts them at the top percentage of athletes in the sport they practice.

The MLS teams obtain O-1 visas for their foreign players because these professional athletes usually can set themselves apart from all other soccer players. Our legal team here at Guerra Saenz, PL can help you file and obtain your O-1 visa.

Help With P-1 Soccer Visas

Foreign athletes who do not qualify for O-1 visas do have the option to file a petition for a P-1 visa. This type of athlete work visa does not have such rigorous eligibility requirements as the O-1.

With P-1 visas, athletes are required to demonstrate that they are "internationally recognized" and are a part of a prestigious league that will be traveling to the United States for an event. The soccer league must also be of renowned standing.

This type of visa is very easy to qualify for as an MLS athlete because all you are required to do is show proof that you are under a major league contract with the MLS.

Hire Guerra Saenz, PL as Your MLS Visa Agent

Our Fort Lauderdale immigration law firm has a distinguished reputation and a track record of success in obtaining visas for athletes. Attorney Luis Guerra is recognized as an immigration expert and he can explain all of your athlete visa options as a professional or amateur soccer player. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you obtain a work visa to further your soccer career here in the United States.

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