Immigration-Reform Bill Might Give DACA Recipients Path to Citizenship

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would overhaul current immigration laws and provide close to 2.5 million immigrants with a pathway to citizenship. Seven Republicans joined Democrats during the vote, which passed 237-187.

Under The Dream and Promise Act, the immigration system would be changed to better accommodate the following immigrant categories

  • DACA recipients
  • Immigrants with temporary protected status
  • Deferred Enforced Departure recipients from Liberia

Immigrants who fall into the temporary protected status and Deferred Enforced Departure categories would be able to immediately apply for green cards if they have been in the United States since 2016. Five years after they get a green card, they would be able to apply for U.S. citizenship.

The Dream and Promise Act would allow DACA recipients to apply for conditional permanent residency if they meet these conditions:

  • Must have entered the US before the age of 18
  • Must have been living stateside for the past four years
  • Can’t have a felony criminal record or a combination of three misdemeanors that resulted in more than 90 days of jail time
  • Must have a high-school diploma or GED

Although the provisions included in the bill would greatly aid those caught in the middle of the immigration battle being waged by the Trump administration, the bill is not expected to be voted on in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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