Biden’s Administration Recognizes Immigration Judges’ Union

During the last presidential administration, the FLRA (Federal Labor Relations Authority) stripped immigration judges of their right to unionize. This was just days before the 2020 election.

President Joe Biden’s administration has made several bold promises regarding administration, and it has made many progressive changes in that regard. However, it spent the last year standing by the previous administration’s anti-union efforts.

President of the NAIJ (National Association of Immigration Judges) Mimi Tsankov has been publicly critical of these actions. On several occasions, she accused the Biden administration of “doubling down” on the prior order.

Furthermore, the previous administration created more work for immigration judges. It was committed to removing many immigrants from the country, overloading judges with cases. Currently, there is a backlog of around 1.5 million cases unresolved.

On Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021, the Biden administration reinstated the judges’ right to unionize. The Department of Justice agreed to recognize the union as the judges’ exclusive representative. It has also pledged to follow the terms of its collective bargaining agreement.

The fight could continue, however. While Biden’s administration has agreed to recognize the union, the FLRA could still deny this motion. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen. For now, judges have reason to celebrate, and they may see their working conditions improve.

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